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Where YOU Fit


One of the biggest questions asked or thought when asked to visit or join a church is "WHY?" This is a very valid question. One of my spiritual beliefs is that where there is PURPOSE, there is PASSION, and there resides POWER! We would like you to visit and become a part of our family because you fit.


At New Breed, you are not just counted, YOU COUNT! You don't just go to church, you BECOME the church! You don't just attend, you become SPIRITUALLY EMPLOYED! And, lastly, you BELONG because you become a part of the Body of Christ in active use. These are not just idle words. This is our purpose of direction for God's people. You have vision, you have hope, and you need a platform to allow it to surface - New Breed!


Among the thousands of great churchs in Atlanta, we know that we are hear for you at this appointed time in your life. Help us fulfill God's purpose for New Breed by allowing us to help you fulfill your purpose. We are a young, vibrant and we care about not just doing church as usual, we care about YOU!


Come visit with us and allow your gifts to shine and become active in the Kingdom of God. Meet Pastor George, First Lady D, and this great family, and watch God work with us to change a family, a city, and a nation - starting with YOU!


Church is not where you go, church is what you become. New Breed Ministries is a church that concentrates on the growth of people for the growth of the community. This is done through many different ministries. Look at what we have going on and what you don't see, help us create for those that need it, and YOU!

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